Friday, July 07, 2006

Preachers and Friends....

On Sunday, we had the pleasure of dear friends visiting us from our last church! It was a blessing to see them and share a meal together after services.

We hadn't spent time with them or even seen them since our move 9 months ago. How wonderful to visit! This is the first time that we have moved close enough to the last appointment that this was really possible--to have folks visit without it being a 10 hour drive! (well, ok, I don't count one church because we were only there a year and there really aren't folks there that would visit us!)

Anyway, at lunch one friend said that she is not going to let herself become friendly with any more preachers--it hurts too much when they leave.

Isn't this a dilemma for us all? How do we form friendships within the congregation? especially us United Methodist who know we will be leaving eventually.....

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