Sunday, June 10, 2007

18 Years of Wedded Bliss!

During the time that I have neglected to write, Ron and I celebrated our 18th anniversary! I can hardly believe that in August it will be 20 years since we met! I told him yesterday that I look at him and think that he still looks the same as when I met him and he said the same to me. However, in looking at old pictures, I know it's not true! here....see for yourself!

This picture is from our first date---it was actually a surprise party for my 24th birthday! Ron was supposed to keep me away from my apartment for awhile and then get "forget something" and take me back there--needless to say, it wasn't much of a surprise! But as you can see, he could charm me with his singing from the very beginning!
As you can guess--this is from our wedding day! May 20, 1989. This was in the Alumni Commons Room at Duke Divinity School. I'm not sure what that room is used for now.... We weren't married in the "big chapel" just York Chapel in the Divinity School. It was a bizarre space for a wedding, but it was the only place that Ron and I shared in worship together and it was were our community was..... some might say it was a "bizarre" wedding--I was into doing things theologically correct as well as trying to be non-sexist...(just think out sexists our wedding traditions really are and how hard it is to "route them out"!
Here's a picture after one year of marriage when we were ordained UM Deacons in the West Ohio Conference--not too much wear and tear. The one stoles if after three years of marriage when we were ordained can see the years beginning to tell.... (the woman between us is Ron's mother)
Well......I had uploaded several other pictures, but then I lost the internet connection and so they didn't publish....I took that as a sign that I should post this last most recent picture.....ok...when I look at the pictures I see that we have changed.....but when I look into the face of my wonderful husband, i see the same sweet young man that I married 18 years ago!

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