Saturday, February 07, 2009

Witness to History

It was absolutely amazing... I can only say that to be there and stand in the crowd on the Mall on January 20th was one of the most amazing, uplifting experiences of my life. To walk 3 miles from the Metro station to find a place to stand and to walk with people of all races and ages--what felt like a "teaming mass of humanity."

There were grandmothers pushing their walkers determined not to miss something that many thought would never happen in their life time and probably had been beyond their wildest dreams as small children.

I thank God that I was there--that my daughter was there. She wanted to be there. She is inspired by the new President. She looks to him as a role model -- as a sign that she is not confined to believe the opinions of others about herself. She can be anything she wants to be... maybe... I think that only thing that will be more powerful for me personally will when I watch a woman take the oath of office....

I am only posting a picture or two here... if you are on Facebook, you can see them all there....

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