Thursday, September 17, 2009

Observations on the Grand Canyon Trip

These are my thoughts that I shared at our "No Talent Show" near the end of our trip. I began with just some general thoughts, but then tried to put them into Chiasistic Alliteration. I didn't do this very well, but it was fun trying..... some of these might not make sense unless you have been on the trip.....

  • Never start a water fight with a boat that is upwind of you.
  • There are only 2 ravens in the entire Grand Canyon and their names are Raul and Esperonzia
  • People from Alaska are not cold like the land from which they come, but are actually very warm.
  • No matter how old siblings get, they still pick on each other
  • When you run a rapid at night, you will forever be remembered as "numb nuts"!

  • You can rock the boat, but don't run the boat into a rock
  • You can pee in the baler, but don't bale the pee
  • You can break wind in the unit, but don't sleep downwind of it.
  • You can bare your rear end, but you'll have to bear with everyone else's!
  • If you sleep on a rock, you won't sleep like a rock!

  • Once you run the River, the River runs in you!

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I like it!