Sunday, April 18, 2010

the light going out?

Today at church, I sat in the balcony.. Jess and I were the only ones up there along with the "sound guy." It is a different experience from up there.. but my favorite moment of the service today was watching one of the acolytes carry out the "Light of Christ."

The little girl had lit her taper and was carrying it out.. but in typical child-scientific experimentation style... she was moving down the aisle quickly and watching the flame.. just as it was about to go out, she would slow down so that it could "relight" itself.

As I watched her do this, it dawned on me that this is often how the light of Christ is in our own lives.... We move so quickly that that flame is sometimes hard to see and/or feel.. we don't wait and watch for Christ working in our life. And then, we slow down and actually watch and wait and the flame is rekindled--not because we have relit it, but we have welcomed the Spirit to work in our lives again...

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