Wednesday, December 01, 2010

the best meal in a long time

A few weeks ago, Ron and I had dinner at Urban Standard. I follow them on twitter and I had gotten a "tweet" earlier in the day stating that they would be serving dinner. We decided to check it out. Having only been to Urban Standard early in the morning and coffee and breakfast, I wasn't sure what to expect for dinner; Ron had never been there.

Looking at the menu, I immediately knew that the meal would be different than anything I'd had in a while. There were only four choices for dinner: pork shoulder, potato dumplings, mahi, or venison.

After a starter of butternut squash soup, I ordered the potato dumplings, with root veggies and kale. When that first bite of kale hit my taste buds, I realized that I hadn't had REAL food in a long time! Kale is most certainly NOT my favorite vegetable! I'm not a big fan of leafy greens and eat them more because they are healthy than because I actually like them! But, I really, really LIKED how that kale tasted--along with everything else that I put in my mouth. If it wouldn't have been highly impolite, I might have even tried to lick the plate!

After the meal, we had the pleasure to speak with the owner. He told us that Urban Standard gets some of there produce from Jones Valley Urban Farm. Coincidentally I had visited JVUF during the Food Summit recently where I saw rows and rows of kale growing. I wouldn't be surprised if I had seen the very kale that I ate that night!

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