Friday, May 15, 2009

And now for something completely different....

Over the years, I have found an outlet in writing very bad poetry. In my teen years, it was all about the current boyfriend, but I have tried to widen the scope of my writing since then. If you browse my blog, you'll find a few that I wrote after my Emmaus weekend a couple of years ago. I do enjoy it and sometimes others have liked it. Anyway, here are a few ancient poems... written longer ago than I care to remember....

Gentle little flower that
pokes your head
from underneath the soil
searching for the sun beyond
what mst have seemed a grave,
How I long to place you
back within the ground
which only yesterday was frozen.

You've risen too early.

Yea, it is warm and sunny,
but nature has played
a dirty trick--
This is not the season
for you to come forth.
Too soon have you tried
to escape the tomb in which
you've lain so long.

If only you had waited
but a little longer.
If only I could teach you
what I've learned of life.

Although today the sun does shine
and warm the ground,
tonight the wind will blow.
Tomorrow, I shall find you--
a sign of life
that rushed forth
before its time.

Shadows of Life

The shadow comes and goes.
one minute in stark relief
the brightness causing new darkness.
A moment later
a dreary shade covers all.

The shadow advances and
then recedes
fading in and out
of sight
as if a mirage
on which the eyes
cannot lay hold.

They try to grasp
and keep within
their clutch
the vision
quickly melting
While the sun retreats
from the clouded view
of human eyes.

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