Friday, March 15, 2013

Les Mis

  My introduction to Les Miserables was through a cassette tape (yes, really, it was that long ago!).  My husband had purchased it and wanted to play it on one of our long car rides.  I was completely lost.  I had never read Victor Hugo's book and had no clue what the storyline was. I read all of the liner notes and lyrics so that I could keep up. I grew to love the music, but it was several years before I saw a live production of it.   I have only grown to love the story and music more over the years, so I was eager to see the movie when it opened.

    Because of the difference in production, the movie raised thoughts and questions regarding the story in a different way for me. Below are just some of my thoughts......

There are so many themes and story lines.... 

What is good and what is bad?  What is good is not always obvious. what is bad is not always clear either.

The story of redemption became much clearer to me. Jean Valjean always  chooses to care for a person above a strict following of the law and this is what the Bishop does for him as well. Rather than enforce the law, he has compassion and spares Valjean from having to return to the forced labor of prison. (Colm Wilkinson is amazing as the Bishop!)  

One of the powerful story lines is unrequited love. We see Epipone's love for Marias most clearly, but there is also Fontaine who has had a lover who abandons her. 

Yet, the stories that involve women are not central. They are just part of the story of  the men, but it is not really "their" story. The women in this tale are 'secondary' in many ways.  They just move the plot along, but are not so central.

We can't always be certain of what will happen with our lives.

God's grace comes in many forms and these are often unexpected.

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