Saturday, March 23, 2013

Listen to the Promptings of the Spirit

I am a strong believer in the connectedness of life.  We are all connected invisibly in a web of relationships. Sometimes we are more attuned to those connections and other times, we chose to ignore the reverberations of that web.

Here is an illustration:
Amy and I 

 I just have returned home from spending a couple of hours with one of my college roommates.  Amy was headed with her family to Florida and stayed in a hotel here last night.

Yesterday, I got up and thought, "I should really check my '' email."  It is an email address that is overrun by spam so I never give it out any more and rarely check it. At one time, it was my primary email address, but the last time I checked it was over two months ago and before that, it had been six months.  But, something prompted me yesterday to check it.  

There in my inbox was an email from Amy from her work email that she wrote 2 weeks ago about how they were coming through here.  I immediately replied hoping that it was not too late. She hadn't given me a time frame for when they would be here.

Last night, she read that email in a hotel room here and called me at the number I had sent to her.  I got to spend two hours with her, meeting her daughter for the first time and catching up.  We hadn't seen each other face to face in over 12 years!

If I hadn't check my email and she hadn't checked hers, we would have missed each other!

Many times in my life, I have heard that little voice, that "prompting" that says, 
"call that person" or "visit that person"  or "wait here a little longer" or "leave now"

I'm not saying there is an actual voice, but a sense, a feeling--a prompting.
When I listen, I usually find a blessing.

Now, because I am a religious person, I would call it the Holy Spirit.
But, for those who are not, perhaps you might call it the connectedness of all life.
The fact that we seem to be connected on a spiritual plane that cannot be seen, but that we often feel in our bones. Some of people seem to be more attuned to those connections.  My goal is to become a better listener--to tune my inner ear to the Spirit.

I'm just so very glad I listened this time and checked my email !

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