Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Can I be this old?

I remember when I was 12 years old and thought I wouldn't even live to see 16...can I really have lived 30 more years?! Gosh the black and white pic really reveals the changing color of my hair! I posted this picture just so I could upload it to my profile--it's too big of a file!! I really wasn't trying to be vain...just wanted to see if I could actually manage the technology!

When I thinking of getting older, I wonder at what technology will bring next. My grandmother was born before the automobile and lived to see people walk on the moon. My hope is to always be curious enough and confident enough to engage myself in learning the "new" technology.

My daughter has an I-pod--it is the coolest thing!! I remember having a "walkman" and only wanting to carry one cassette tape along because I didn't want to have to hold on to the others! How wonderful to carry 1,000 songs in a little device!

like I said ....mundane ramblings.....


Anonymous said...

Yes. You really are that old.
~~your younger sis

RarGonia said...

Thanks so much--miss "i'm turning 40 on my next birthday!!"