Wednesday, May 17, 2006


There is a really cool blog!


I have enjoyed reading it this week especially because Rev. Hubby is at the "Festival of the Homies" that several of them are blogging about. It's fun to see what these women are saying about the same event that I am hearing about from Rev. Hubby.

Haven't joined yet though...little hesitant to make my blog so public...(see previous post)


revabi said...

Yea, and you should be with your husband here. Just kidding. He has been a life savior to our friend in a time of crisis. He has uh had a sense of humor about everything. But he sure loves you, and thinks a lot of you. And oh yes my pulpit makes my butt look big.

Ah, just do it, go ahead and join those revgalblogpals. I have to say they are a very neat group. Besides it would give you and St. Andrew mor PR. Ron bragged on you and your blog at dinner tonight.

RarGonia said...

Thanks for keeping my husband in line!! He's told me how much he enjoyed being spending time with ya!