Sunday, May 14, 2006

Moulton vs. Stratford-on-Avon

Recently, my Rev. Hubby and I went to the graduation of our nephew from a community college. This was an interesting event because of the "mix" of folks in attendance. Many of the graduates received 'certificates' in vocational trades, while others were receiving two year degrees that will move them into a profession. Then there were still others like our nephew who are completing degrees but transferring into four year degree programs.

The commencement speaker was an English professor at the school and I must say, with as many graduation speakers as I have sat through, he was about the best--short and point. Recognizing that most of the students come from the surrounding small towns and "crossroad communities" nearby, he gave some examples of world changing folks who came from small towns.

In the course of this, though, he mentioned Stratford-on-Avon as Shakespeare's hometown. He called Stratford-on-Avon the "Moulton, Alabama of England." At this point, the Rev. and I were seated at opposite ends of the row, but both of us leaned forward to "catch the other's eye." We spent our 14th anniversary in Stratford-on-Avon. And then, on another afternoon, we sat by the River on a bench and read Shakespeare's sonnets.

(I don't think that I could have imagined Moulton being anything like that English village. I guess he meant that Stratford in Shakespeare's day was like the Moulton of today.)

Anyway, right then and there I said a little prayer of thanks for my husband of almost seventeen years (this Saturday!)..... There we were in the middle of a strange commencement service and sitting a good distance away from each other, and what the speaker said caught us both and made of think of each other--and the beautiful days we spent in Stratford-on-Avon!

I am grateful to be married to the other Rev. Gonia. We laughed over this little instance because we always think that we are so different, and yet the longer we have been married, the more we seem to think alike!

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revabi said...

I am not sure I would compare Moulton, AL to Stratford-on-Avon. Been to both, and I would have to say I like Stratford-on-Avon best.
Well aren't you two just the little love birds.