Thursday, May 11, 2006

Poetic thoughts?

I've often found that writing can be good therapy--even if it's not good writing... Poetry or's just my way of writing. So, I may post a few of those theraputic's one written a few years ago...

Child of My Labor

You are not the child of my flesh
But you are the daughter of my labor.

The pains have come from
Contractions of my heart
Squeezed by your tiny hands

The pain of your loss
Cannot be understood
No mother’s milk for you
To soothe, to settle
To still your stomach and soul.

No sweet mother’s voice
To hush and lullaby your fears

But now, you are born to me
On the wings of angels
And our labor begins

And I shall nurse you
With my mother’s heart
I shall soothe, settle, and still your soul
With my lullaby

Hushaby Baby, you are the child of my labor.


dgh said...

I had no idea you wrote such beautiful poetry. This one is wonderful!!

drb said...

Beautiful... I love it, sis.