Friday, May 19, 2006

more da vinci thoughts

ok so that previous post really wasn't about DaVinci....we haven't gotten to the movie yet...(I'm not sure what time this will post has--I haven't quite figured this thing out yet...I think it might post as Thurday because that's when I started writing this...but it's actually Saturday...)

Anyway, hopefully, we will get to the movie today--celebrating 17 years of marriage with the Rev. Hubby who safely returned from Atlanta yesterday afternoon. He had a great week and I can tell he feels "refreshed"--perhaps a better word might be "re-spirited"!

OK, so far this post isn't able the Da Vinci code either really.. Here is why I posted that ?poem? (have to come up with a better word--it's not poetry--just thoughts..) Anyway, here it is.....Dan Brown's book takes it's thesis of a relationship between Jesus and Mary Magalene from the Gospel of Phillip. But, the scholarship is very poor....

OOOPS..the Rev. Hubby called and I have to go meet him to do some shopping and see the movie!

will finish my thought later....

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