Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thoughts on the eve of Annual Conference

Annual Conference starts tomorrow....whipee!

Conferencing is a certainly a Methodist tradition, but we sure do it lots of different ways.

The first Annual Conference that I remember was in 1979 in the South Georgia Conference. I was in ninth grade and the conference was being held at my home church. I worked as a "page"-- my most vivid memory of the week is of making crank phone calls from the "phone bank" where we were supposed to be taking messages!

After that year, we moved to Ohio and I was elected a youth delegate in my jr. and sr. years of high school....what an experience. the Ohio conferences meet at Lakeside: the Chautauqua on Lake Erie. What a great place!! What is so wonderful is that clergy families come along and get to know each other--PKs get to know each other. my most vivid memories there are of sending donuts to the Bishop during the business session and perhaps more scary...having a yacht pull up at the pier and several of us deciding that there was safety in numbers and getting on board! (with some college kids driving the boat that had us sign a release form as soon as we got on the boat!)

Eight years later, this is the conference where the RevHub and I were ordained...deacon and then most vivid memory there was of those ordination services....

well.....this is longer than I is getting late and I have to finish getting ready......will write more later....

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revabi said...

Hey welcome to RevGalblogPals. I am glad you decided to join and put your 2 cents in and more. I like the idea of conference being somewhere that the families can gather as well. What fun expereinces you had.