Wednesday, May 31, 2006

the puppy

I don't think that I shared this before but we do have a new puppy! About three weeks ago, a church lady found seven puppies in the cemetary while walking. someone had obviously dumped them there. It was late in the afternoon, so we decided to put them inside the fenced backyard of the parsonage. I suggested this, thinking that we would call animal control or take them to the shelter on the following day....

Little did I know what an adventure would begin! The fact that they would probably have euthanized the puppies in a week kept us from taking them to the shelter...So....could we find homes for all of these?

Within a day, people were "fighting" over the puppies and the RevHub and LoudTrumpetGirl had decided that one had to stay at our home! As it turned out, both the worship leader and the youth director at the church have each kept a puppy!

Our little girl pup is know called Gracie....if she had been a male, she would have been "marvin" since she was found in Marvin's Chapel cemetary!

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